Very Best Dog Food Brands

Many pet owners are looking for the best dog food brands, because of the tie between food and health.The simple answer is to find the best dog food brands you just need to look at the ingredients listed on the labels.

It would be great if that was the case, but with the encrypted code being used by the pet food companies, it is not that easy.

There are many people telling us healthy food to eat, but its a lot more difficult to find good information on a healthy diet for our pets.

The trouble here is that pet food producers are allowed to incorporate ingredients that are not for human consumption in their foods. It is sad that in today’s world those who manufacture dog food can use low quality by product ingredients and due to government regulations give the brand high quality healthy sounding names.

One would assume that finding dried egg product as a listed ingredient in dog food would make it healthier. I reality it can include undeveloped eggs, shells and other tissues deemed unfit for human use.

While doing my research to find the best dog food brands, I ran across a list of 68 ingredients that are used by some of the best brands, that should give you cause to stop feeding these brand to your dog. 41% of these ingredients can actually be fatal, maybe not right away but they will shorten your pets life.

I also found a free confidential dog food report written by a guy that has hired a testing firm to find the best dog food brands in North America. The report is copyright protected, so I cant re-print it in this article.

After analyzing most know commercially made dog food in North America they only found nine that were healthy enough to make the list.

The report also lists 27 well know brands that didnt make the cut, and give reasons why not. Some brands that aren’t good enough to make the list are Iams, Science Diet, and Eukanuba.

The report continues to be updated, and in this 2nd addition there are six brands that have been removed due to reasons listed in the report.
Every brand in the report has a reason why it is healthy or not.

From what I learnt about commercial dog food during my research, I now feed both our dogs a homemade diet, but there are times you just need to be able to pour some food out of a bag I personally wont risk the health of my best friends, because Im to lazy to either cook them food, or at the very least buy them one of the healthiest, best dog food brands I can find.

Throw Away Those Harmful Food Containers

Everyone loves leftovers, some dinners are even better the next day. That is why our cupboards are overflowing with plastic food containers and mismatching lids. What we don’t realize about these plastics dishes and food containers is the harm it could be causing to us and our families. Most people aren’t aware that many plastics contain an organic compound called Bisphenol A, more commonly known as BPA. Bisphenol A is one of the building blocks of plastic that can be very hazardous to humans. It has been known to cause breast and uterine cancer as well as causing brain malfunctions. It has been in plastics since the 1930′s but has only recently been recognized as harmful enough to create awareness, although, many retailers still carry products containing BPA on their shelves. So being aware of these harmful plastics is the first step in protecting ourselves.
Now that we all know that the plastic containers we have been microwaving for so many years causes chemicals to leach into our food, people are becoming concerned. So there is a variety of new food storage products on the market. One new product that is gaining popularity is called Glasslock. These Glasslock containers are safe to use in the microwave, refrigerator, and the freezer. The airtight, watertight silicone seal lids snap into place so there is no risk of freezer burn or bacterial growth. This product is fantastic because it is so versatile. You can literally pull it out of the freezer and pop it right into the microwave. Great for reheating frozen dinners when its been a long day or to leave for the kids on your night out.
Want to cut down on the amount of dishes you use? These glass lock containers look presentable enough to serve right on your luncheon or dinner table. Gone are the days of finishing dinner and having a mountain of dishes. With glass lock you can cook and serve in one dish, and if your simply reheating a frozen dinner to eat on the go you can actually just eat straight from the container without having to transfer your food to a bowl or plate.
Another option available when shopping for safe food storage are BPA approved plastic containers that are using the latest nanotechnology. These containers are infused with Nano sized particles of silver that reduce the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria allowing foods to stay fresher up to three times longer. These containers are great because they won’t absorb odors and you won’t see that red stain from pastas and sauces. A leftover meal can be stored in the refrigerator for an extended period of time then the convention plastic containers, reheated and still taste as fresh as the day it was made. The silver in the Nano Silver Products has been scientifically proven to be anti-bacterial material. It naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses on the surface of the containers.
So its time to throw out those old plastic containers and make the switch. All of these products are FDA Approved and BPA Free. The Go Green plastic food containers can be purchased with the snap tight lids or just the basic lids. All lids are airtight and watertight. I personally have noticed a huge difference after switching to these containers. I intentionally make extra when cooking dinner just so I can freeze my leftovers for later with the Glasslock containers. Or use the BPA Free plastic food container products to store food in the fridge because these products keep fresher up to three times longer then the conventional food storage containers. It is definitely the safer route to take when it comes to your families health.

The potential of India’s food processing industry

As per the latest updates ( Nov 2009 ), the Indian food market is estimated at $182 billion.

According ot McKinsey and Co, the retail food market is estimated at $70 b and may grow to $150 b in the next fifteen years and the world retail food market will grow from $150 billion to $400 b.

India’s agri exports stand at a paltry $10 b and it may grow to $20 b in the next five years. India’s farm product exports will grow from 2% to 5%, in the next coming years.Regarding spices, India exported $ 11.68 b in 08/09 ( 470520 tonnes ).

Food processing industry in India is growing at 14% and she received FDI in food processing to the tune of $878 million.

India’s share in exports of processed food is abysmally low, at 1.5%. The global processed food market is estimated at $3.2 trillion.

The Indian government has formulated a Vision 2015, to triple the size of the f.p industry, from the current $ 70 b to around $ 210 b, enhancing her global share to 3%, increasing value addition to 35%, from the current 20% and raising the level of processing of perishables to 20%. For that, an investment of $20 billion is required.

Ernest & Young estimates that the food processing industry in India will grow 40%, up from the present 15%.

Rural infrastructure should be improved and more FDI shoud come into this sector, if India’s dreams are to be realised.

The Indian diary sector is around $ 62 b and will grow to $108 b. The Indian food production is estimated at 500 million tonnes and food processing industry has immense potential . But at the moment, it is undercapitalised and potential unactualised.

Once her potential is actualised, she is a superpower, a land powerful in arms and with a fertile soil . Not only rising in the materialistic and the scientifc sectors, but also in the spiritual. Not only is she a technology and science superstar, but also a World Guru. India is the land where the Vedas and the Upanishads first saw the Light and will be the nation responsible for uniting all under Universal Love, under a World Government, under a New Atlantis . Bha means Light and Rathi means the attachment to Light. Bharat means the land of Light and people are basically attached to the Light Divine and are Initiates. Indians, therefore, are the Chosen People, who can mystically tune into the Divine, into the Cosmic and India will rightly get her worldpowerdom in the years to come !

Globalization, says Robert Kaplan ( vide the New York Times ) , has led Indians io rediscover their glorious Hindu Civilization, the source of its vibrant free democracy. Many concepts are Indian in origin. Will Durant said ” Mother India is the mother of us all. Through Sanskrit, the mother of Europe’s languages. Through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity. Through the Arabs, of higher maths and alegra. Through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India, is in many ways, the mother of us all ”

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esoteric arts. He gives free tips at and stock market
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Cook Food Quickly With An Infrared Oven

Infrared oven cooking refers to cooking food using invisible light energy. When light waves hit the foods the food molecules begin to vibrate and heat up. According to Prevention, the infrared technology used in microwaves does not have cancer threats, because they do not have sufficient power to damage your DNA.

Conduction uses heat directly to foods creating crispy golden brown results. Convection disseminates the heat around the food evenly, and which results to fast cooking. Even when foods are frozen, there is no need for defrosting.

There is no need for you to add fats and extra seasoning to enhance the taste as foods natural flavors are not wasted. Since there is no need for fats, cooking convection oven promotes healthy cooking. In addition, you can save time with it both in cooking and food preparation. Defrosting is no longer a necessity.

Infrared oven cooking cooks food up to 50% faster than the standard oven. Not only does it promote healthy cooking; it also supports healthy surrounding as there is no smoke emission, hence, there is no need for a ventilation system in your kitchen.

The Infrared ovens are easy to clean up. Its dome material is durable and safe and not harm by any dishwashing solution. This ovens cooking does not create residue on the walls that are difficult to clean. Its control pad allows you to choose the right cooking time.

In addition, IR ovens are compact in size and light weight. Despite its small size it can still cook a big chicken or a small turkey. Its small size also allows it to be moved or taken on cooking trips. Many people use it for camping, picnics, and other outings.

Both the experts and mothers who tried infrared oven cooking vouched that their lives have changed. All meats-fish, chicken and beef-have succulent and flavorful taste. It browns foods to perfection.

The infrared is neither absorbed nor circulated by air. The energy emitted by the infrared oven is used up by the cooking food. This oven uses flat plates or bowls where food can be placed. The infrared oven adjusts suitably to the varying cooking surfaces with similar efficiency.

To make sure that food has even exposure to radiation, you can rotate the cooking wares to 360 degrees. Even the ovens can be configured to fit the ideal heating rates. Infrared does not have major threats to your health, as some might think.

Experts believe that ultraviolet radiation and microwave radiation have health hazards, and not infrared oven cooking. But for precaution, you are advised against prolonged viewing of high intensity infrared emitter at 15 distance. By using reflectors and shields, you can cook your food faster.

Its maintenance is easy. You only need to clean the reflectors and examine the emitters. To make your infrared cooking oven last longer, clean your oven frequently and replace the component that wear out. If you try the infrared oven, you will find that you will be using it more frequently than your conventional oven.

Menus for Diabetics based on the Diabetes Food Pyramid

The American Diabetic Association or ADA has developed suggestions to abide by when preparing powerful diabetic menus referred to as the Diabetes Foods Pyramid. Applying the pyramid pointers would make selecting very good meals for diabetics much less complicated.
What does the Diabetes Foods Pyramid appear like?
As the identify pyramid suggests, it is divided up into 6 generalized groups or categories of superior foods selections for diabetics with the biggest group or group being the base of the pyramid and the tiny group of foods options at the rather best of the pyramid. Generating efficient diabetic menu strategies normally takes a specific knowledge of the nutritional aspects of foods and how they will interact with other food items in the body, particularly in the body of individuals who have difficulties with insulin levels.
Utilizing the ADA Food Pyramid simplifies creating beneficial foods options without having needing an comprehensive knowledge of nutrition. With all the meals groups taken into consideration, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the best attainable foods decisions are there at a glance. The foundation of the pyramid and the 2nd tier are comprised of all those food items which can be eaten in the biggest quantities. The nearer to the top rated the layers go the fewer quantities of these food items must be eaten.

Great Food items for Diabetics from the Diabetes Meals Pyramid suggestions:
Foundation of the pyramid:
The goal here is to limit terrible choices of meals while insuring that there is sufficient diet in the each day eating program. The bottom of the pyramid is for grains and for starches which is in essence just an additional way of stating carbohydrates. This is the grains and starches food group. These are the staples of the foods chain. These consist of pasta, oats, rye, wheat, rice, cereal and basically any foods that contain full grains. Greens with starch are also included like peas, corns and potatoes. These are carbohydrates that will be absorbed into the system as sugar quite rapidly but have nutritional price.
2nd layer of the pyramid:
The 2nd layer of the pyramid consists of two food groups the relaxation of the greens on one facet and fruits of all kinds on the other. These are a mix of carbohydrates. Some will take a although to be absorbed as sugar in the process and people will be absorbed promptly. These meals options are wealthy in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

Third layer of the pyramid:
This layer is for proteins of all types which include dairy and meats (beef, fish and poultry), meat substitutes, dry beans, eggs and nuts. Any milk, yogurt and cheese selections will need to be low weight and any meats require to be lean cuts. The skin and excess fat from meats should be prevented. This layer offers the protein that is important for excellent wellness. The milk, yogurt and cheese are a food group and the meats, beans, eggs and nuts are one more meals group generating this layer two meals teams. The milk group offers calcium plus protein and essential nutritional vitamins. This layer offers a superior quantity of vitamins, minerals and necessary proteins.
The most vital aspect in applying the Diabetes Foods Pyramid for developing menus for diabetics is to decide on far more meals from the 1st and second layers whilst having to pay near attention to portion control.

Healthy food for healthy people

Eating healthy food is important to stay hale and hearty. The diet must comprise of food contents that are full of essential nutrients. It is seen that people who consume nutritious meals are active and have good immunity. On the other hand, those who have unhealthy food habits grow weak and become deficient of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Doctors say that people who eat wholesome meals are less prone to serious ailments such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

It is a fact that due to busy routines, people do not get enough time to cook proper meals. Thus, they purchase ready-to-eat food from the market. However, the question arises; does this kind of food actually fulfill body’s nutritional needs? In order to help people cope with the lack of time, many companies have jumped into the business of diet meal delivery. Their aim is to provide cooked meals that look great and taste scrumptious to their customers.

A well-planned procedure is followed by these firms. They first try to know the basic information from the customers as this helps the representatives to create a diet chart for them. This chart contains details like the kind of diet to be prepared for them and their quantity. In addition to it, customers have the freedom to customize their menu as per their choice. If somebody wishes to have healthy food delivery for the complete day, then this provision is also available. The full-day food service includes three meals and two snacks. The food contents in each meal comprise of 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of fats and 30% of protein. It is said if these nutrients are present in this recommended ratio, then this results in balanced insulin and blood sugar levels in the body, improved body resistance and increased energy.

Those who want to get rid of the excess fat and reduce weight must opt for gourmet meal delivery. Fitness specialists also suggest one should eat healthy and do physical exercises as well as this practice surely gives remarkable results and helps in weight reduction.

Special diet plans are designed for those who are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. The diet for diabetics contains food items that help in controlling blood sugar. Patients facing the health problem of high cholesterol and blood pressure are served with calorie controlled, low on sodium and nutritionally balanced meals.

About Author- -In The Zone Delivery’ offers healthy meal delivery service to its customers. The delivered food is calorie-controlled, nutritionally balanced and tastes delicious.

Learn To Read Food Labels

Learn To Read Food Labels

You cannot measure every morsel that passes your lips, but it is a good goal to size quantity foods and beverages until you get a sense for dowry sizes.
It is a supersized world out there, and displacement people are surprised to sighting that their fact of a single serving is actually two or three.
If you are into bells and whistles, there are board remainder that are preprogrammed with nutritional information, as well as scales that will living a jostling total of your daily slab and nutrient consumption for you. The only supplies you really need, however, are a simple and inexpensive gram scale, dry and liquid measuring cups, and thing on wisdom board labels.
Among all of the mentioned tools, interpretation food labels seem to be the carcass effective procedure of determining the justness multiplicity of board to be bought in the supermarket. It lets you makes sensible board selections. Through the Nutrition Facts length in a particular objective in the grocery, you can identify the amount of serving sizes provided in that product.

With board labels, you can clearly understand the amount and sort of nutrients that are provided in the item. Usually, it contains the information on saturated fat, sodium, total fat, fiber, and cholesterol amount per serving.
However, feeling and education these food labels can be very perplexing. A typical consumer would definitely ask what those numbers mean and how it will affect her diet consumption if ever she will religiously follow the serving guidance as stipulated on the slab label.
To further have a clear and more comprehensive understanding of the items stated in the food label, here is a scrolls of things that you lack to know:
1. Serving size
This is the primary items you testaments see in a board label.
The amount of servings stated in the slab loop refers to the mathematics of food bodies usually consume. However, this does not necessarily mean that it reflects your very own amount of slab intake.
Moreover, serving measure determines the amount of nutrients that enters the body. This way that if you will follow strictly what the serving degree is, testaments obtain the same amount of nutrients according to the serving extent that was given in the label.

For instance, if the serving extent says one serving degree is equal to 54 grams, that would mean you have to extent 54 grams and eat that and you have just eaten one serving. So to speak, the amount of nutrients stated in the food loop is the same amount that has entered your fabrication considering the deed that you have just eaten 54 grams.
However, if you have eaten everything, and the board label says that each package is equivalent to 4 servings, you have to calculate the amount of nutrients that have entered your body. This way that if the food label says 250 calories per serving that means you have to multiply it to four to get the total amount.

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Different Types Of Indian Foods

There are a number of Indian recipes that are very popular in the whole world. India is famous because of many foods as it offers a wide ranging of cuisine from Indian to Italian to Chinese to Continental. Indian foods on the one hand include a proper 5 courses meal that is accomplished with candle light and ambience. Whereas on the other hand, you will also find there junk food on the roadside.
Maharashtrian Thali:
This Indian food is served in a simple ‘thali’ and that is why it is known as Maharashtrian Thali. There is a preset menu in every restaurant that is changed weekly. Generally two vegetables, salad, papad, vadas, a dal, and rice are included in this thali. The most significant eateries of it are Shabari, Shreyas, Durvankur, and Krishna. Some of the other main items are poli, puri, taak, amti, waal, jawari bajri bhakri, aloo chee bhaji, and sitafal rabdi.
North Indian Food:
The cuisine of North India is well known and can be distinguished by proportionally large use of the diary products such as ghee, yogurt, paneer, milk are all it common ingredients. All the gravies are based on dairies. Some of the other ingredients are saffron, nuts, and chilies. Some of these popular dishes are roti, paratha, makki ki roti, buknu, chaat, kebabs, sarso ka saag, gujiya, etc which is mostly served at the great Punjab, Only Parathas, and Lucknowi.
South Indian Food:
This South Indian cuisine is differentiated by the huge emphasize on the rice as a main staple grain, particularly curry leaves, coconut oil, liberal use of coconut, ubiquity of sambar as well as rasam at the meals. This food varies greatly from the wada sambar, paper masala, and also uthappa. Coffee House, Rupali, Vaishali, and Dosa Dinner are some popular serving South Indian food in restaurants.
Street Stalls:
This street Indian food is prepared and sold in the streets means open air and incredibly at quite low prices. These street stalls have quite a quick service and thus you can have food of your kind in very little time, but the only drawback is that there is lack of seating arrangement. These street stalls start from the original chats to the South Indian dosas and idlis, Moghlai kabab, biryani, sweet jalebis, gulab jammuns, balushahi, vada pau, puri bhaji, and stuffed parathas with innovative dishes like rolls and frankies of different size and shapes.
Gujarati Thali:
This Indian recipe is majorly vegetarian and a typical Gujrati thali has a number id items like daal, roti, karhi, sabzi, rice. This thatli has such dishes that are primarily a combination of spices with vegetables, that are sometime boiled, fried, or curry like. There are different sweet dishes that are also included in the Gujrati cuisine so it is also known as a blend of sweet items such as Basundi, Shrikhand, Puran Poli, and many other such things. There are also many popular restaurants that serve these dishes and some of the popular restaurants are Sukanta, Ashoka, and Zaika.

What To Eat When You Have Fibroids – Look At These Delicious Fibroid Fighting Foods

The popular saying, “you are what you eat” is said for a reason. The food that we eat greatly influences
our overall health and for fibroid patients, what to eat when you have fibroids is an important consideration.

Digging into a healthy diet of eating fibroid-fighting foods can assist you in your fight against uterine fibroids. Below is a simple guide focusing on the foods to eat when you have fibroids. Following these essential tips can make a great difference.

Keep Hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids does help in expelling toxins out of your body; and toxins are actually viewed as a possible cause of fibroids.

Eat fresh fibroid fighting foods.

Vegetables and fruits are found to have anti-fibroid properties. However, over-cooking these foods can make them loose their nutrients and these properties as well. To preserve the nutrients of vegetables and fruits, do eat them raw or “al-dente”.

Choose organic.

Being “green” must also apply to your food choices. Always choose fresh vegetables and fruits than processed or canned ones as these are excellent fibroid fighting foods. Seeds, nuts, and essential oils like olive and omega are organic substances that can greatly improve your nutrition. Indeed, organic foods answer the question, “what to eat when you have fibroids.”

No to saturated fats.

Certain fats are known to be unhealthy for the human body. In fact, estrogen, a major cause of fibroids is stored in fat cells. This means, more fats, equals to more estrogen. And excessive estrogen, leads to uterine fibroids! As much as possible, do away with fatty foods especially the ones served on fast food chains and eat more fibroid fighting foods.

Lean meat.

Meat should be limited. Only eat small amounts of organic meat. White meat is more advisable. But if you’re really craving for red meat, have a small portion of lean steak or try vegetarian alternatives. Avoid sausages, salami and processed meats.

Munch on!

Nuts, beans, and seeds are helpful fibroid-fighting foods. Seeds of flax, pumpkin, and sunflower are said to give the most benefits when it comes to fighting fibroids. Eat antioxidants. Knowing what to eat when you have fibroids is a good way to determine the food groups that should be served daily on your table. Food groups rich in antioxidants are great fibroid-busters. Antioxidants help fight off free radicals (harmful substances) out of the body. Excellent sources of these antioxidants are onion and garlic. Garlic can be added unto your usual, everyday meals while onions can be added to lots of soups and other dishes.

Knowing what to eat when you have fibroids is one way for you help yourself deal with this condition. When combined with other natural strategies, this can be an excellent way to treat your fibroids. Fibroid fighting foods are often delicious, natural and tasty and will improve your overall health, not just your condition.

If you would like tried and tested strategies to help you learn how to naturally treat fibroids, then there is a guaranteed system which will shrink your fibroids and eliminate all symptoms. This was written by a nutritionalist (who is a former sufferer herself) and includes 3 months one to one expert email support. It is the perfect solution for women who are prepared to take charge of their own healing and make the necessary changes.

Keep Your Food Hot And Fresh With A Food Merchandiser

Customers often make last minute decisions on buying food based on what they see and smell as theyre walking by. Food vendors who take advantage of this by using food merchandisers specially designed to attract customers will find their sales numbers climbing.

Food merchandisers do three things to drive sales. First, they lead a customer by sight to the foods they crave as they see them. Second, they serve to make the food more attractive to customers by displaying it in a well-organized manner that they can easily access. Lastly, customers feel safer buying food that is enclosed in a food merchandiser because they keep food safe for long periods of time. A customer buying food from a food merchandiser will feel secure in the fact that the food inside is safer than the same food lying outside on display. Keeping food at an even temperature and humidity lessens the chances of bacteria and helps to keep the food fresh. In addition, flies and other bugs that carry germs are kept away.

Once youre ready to buy a food merchandiser you will need to make a decision on what type to get. Some food merchandisers are made for a variety of foods and can fit anything from nachos to pizza while others are made for specific types of food such as hot dogs. General food merchandisers will allow you the greatest flexibility, but specific merchandisers will display food in an attractive manner that fits that food type. Unless you only sell one type of food you may find that you get more mileage out of a general food merchandiser.

The Vollrath hot food merchandiser has front and rear door access so that customers can easily grab any food that appeals to them. The machine also stops food from drying out and allows it to stay fresher longer through humidity control. Lights inside the machine display food so that its visible from all angles and at all times.

The Gold Medal hot food merchandiser works very well for pizzas or sandwiches, keeping them hot for customers. It is clear on all sides so that the food inside remains visible to customers from all angles, and graphics such as Fresh and Hot call out to them even from far distances. In addition, the shelves are adjustable so that you can still fit a variety of other foods.

The Tomlinson snack merchandiser was designed to hold pizza, cookies, and all types of snack food. The shelves are large and can hold one 16 inch pizza per shelf. They are accessible from the rear or front and feature raised racks that help keep the merchandiser clean.

Whichever food merchandiser you end up choosing you will be pleasantly surprised with how much your customers will appreciate having easy access to fresh hot food.