Soul Food Recipes Help For Cash Strapped Families

Soul food recipes is proving to be a life line for more and more cash strapped families looking for ways to stretch their food dollars. With more people forced to eat out less more have found cooking at home a quick way to cut cost and eat healthier at the same time.

“Many people are going back to southern cooking and family meals around the dinner table as opposed to burgers and fries every night,” says Bonnie Tucker a food critic from Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta, known by many as the Mecca for southern cuisine has seen an increase of interest in soul food recipes online. To meet the demand you can see a sharp increase in the number of websites to meet the growing demand.

Many websites offer not only the latest recipes to help families stretch their dollars, they also include videos that allow people to watch demonstrations. This allow you to literally watch the recipes come alive before your eyes, making it much easier to prepare. It makes a big difference when you can watch the video before making a dish, especially if it’s your first time doing it, says Tasha Cater, housewife from Atlanta, Georgia.

Many soul food recipes have healthier ingredients than the ones from the past. This no doubt is another change many have made because of a growing demand for healthier alternatives. Southern food has long had a reputation not only for it’s bold flavors and taste, but its health concerns. Now you find more recipes containing less fats, salt and butter for example. Instead more natural herbs, spices and flavors are used.

You can also find healthier cooking methods suggested. For example, sauting and pan frying instead of deep fat frying, or steaming vegetables instead of boiling in large amounts of water as ways to save nutrients. The way the recipes are prepared now is not you Great grandmothers recipes when it comes to health risks. But fortunately the changes in preparation hasn’t affected the taste that much.

Soul food recipes is the ultimate when it comes to comfort food. Now the next generation of eaters are discovering new school techniques for cooking healthier while saving money, that’s the best of both worlds.

Discover the top 20 soul food recipes voted by readers this month along with videos showing how to prepare the meals – and watch them come alive. Go to Soul Food Recipes Live!

Fast Food Logos And Its Elements

you ever wondered why fast food logos are among the most recognizable and memorable logo design of the world? Be it KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Dominos, these brands have picked perfect logos for their restaurants. Like every other industry, food industry is also a hugely competitive industry.
Have you ever wondered why fast food logos are among the most recognizable and memorable logo design of the world? Be it KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Dominos, these brands have picked perfect logos for their restaurants. Like every other industry, food industry is also a hugely competitive industry.
Therefore, its logo shouldn”t be ignored in any way and all the elements to be used in just right way “” color, text and style and the combination of all three. You must have noticed that all the renowned brands get a logo design for themselves which say a lot in simple way. So, if you want to be a successful brand, in any field, design a logo design which targets yours customers clearly.
Elements of Fast Food Logos:
1: Color
Color has direct physiological effects on the brain. You must have noticed that most of the fast food logos are in red or yellow or both colors. This combination of red and yellow color is also referred as “Ketchup and Mustard theory.” Red color is the one that attracts ones attention, makes you hungry and energetic. On the other hand, yellow is an attractive cool color which is capable of stimulating our appetite. Together, if these colors used they symbolize happiness, laughter and good times.
2: Fonts
To get the right font for fast food logos is very critical and important. Fonts of your fast food logo will convey the taste and quality of food served in your restaurant. Therefore, the fonts should be simple, clean and readable from every angle. You will notice that every popular business mark has straight and readable fonts.
3: Style:
The food logos should have a style which depict taste, casual effect and grace as well. A fast food logo should be capable of attracting the right customers within minutes. Therefore, your logo should be inviting and attractive enough to attract the foodie people who want to treat themselves and their friends.

Best Fast Food Restaurant

Most of the fast food franchises in India are growing and running successfully despite of the downfall in the economy. Franchises presenting comfort foods are flourishing well. When people switch to healthier diet then they normally starts avoiding their most preferred fast food restaurant. However that should not be the case. If you are having food at any fast food restaurant then try to avoid couple of things which are fried. Maximum fast food restaurant offer healthier sides or grilled menu items. If you have doubt about nutritional content of restaurants menu items, lot of restaurants now present nutrition information either at location or online. If you will spend sometime in researching the restaurant menu then you will get to know the kind of food you will be eating how many calories you will save.

Subway franchising is getting famous through out the world. Franchise for subway is itself sought after and also applied for the franchises in UK. Each individual is familiar with subway. Because of rising popularity and lip smacking menu it has actually attracted lot of potential franchises through out the globe. These days everyone looks for the subway franchise and wish to run it very successfully. You will get search packages provided in the market which lets you to set up in the tool, fee of franchise that goes into subway restaurant, shop fitting, the decoration, and other features that lets you to open subways franchise.

So if you are planning for the subway franchise then you need to plan for its sponsorship also. There are many people who think for franchise but dont have enough amount in order to finance price of franchise and also the cost involved in its establishment.

Well the sandwiches offered in subway contain low calories and fat. The calories and fat content are actually very less. Subway is among the top 10 fast food restaurants.

Subway is the worlds largest submarine sandwich store. It has more than 30,000 shops spread over 85 countries. We have at least 40 years experience in serving great tasting subs. franchise for subway demands for simple operation and low investment. It is an international brand with excellent menu which is relatively almost the same all over the world. Subway restaurant takes pride in respecting and honoring the local tradition as well as food preferences. It has gained lot of popularity for presenting healthier alternative to traditional greasy and fatty food. Well subway India do not serve pork or beef products and have a variety of vegetarian choices. Popular sandwiches both international and local favorites include Paneer tikka, Roasted chick etc. subway also offers the best calories subway sandwich.

Natural Food Emulsifiers

We have already talked about a few of the natural emulsifying agents sometime back in the previous articles – Natural Emulsifying Food Additives. The next in line come a few additions to the previous list. The previous list of natural food emulsifiers, we talked about emulsifiers like egg yolk, mustard, soy beans and honey. All of these are natural food emulsifiers that can be easily found in everyday kitchen materials. They are not processed or artificial; but with a little addition with a few more additives, they make brilliant natural food emulsifiers.

Talking about the next set of emulsifiers we have a few more easily available food materials in our daily cooking kitchens that make wonderful emulsifying agents. One of the popular emulsifying agents is the guar gum.

Guar gum Guar gum is popularly used as a food emulsifier that tends to swell in cold water. Guar gum is used in a number of food products like breads, soups, desserts, frozen food and for meat products. It is commonly used in dairy products like cheese and yogurt. Apart from food industry, guar gum as a thickener also finds uses in textile industry, paper industry, pharmaceuticals industry and cosmetics industry.

Pectin Pectin is another stabilizer used popularly in fruit juices, jams, jellies & milk shakes. It is available in two forms: liquid and powder. Sources of pectin is fruits like apple, apricot, grapefruit, orange peels, etc.

Xanthan gum Xanthan gum is a vegetable thickener popularly used in dairy products, making gluten free bakery products, ice creams, soups, etc. apart from food, xanthan is also used in toothpastes, cosmetics and beauty products.

Agar agar With 100 times more absorbent capacity, agar gar finds stabilizing uses in food products like yogurt and other dairy products. It is tasteless, colorless and odorless, with traces of minerals and iodine.

An Introduction To Raw Food Diet

Nowadays, there is a fast growing consensus in going green and getting to a healthy lifestyle. The reasons are plenty. In todays world of fast food and foods with chemical preservatives, people are extra careful in picking out their choice of food and thus go to more healthier options like raw food diet.

Individuals on a raw food diet eat 100% raw, uncooked food. There are lots of people who find this a little difficult (frequently because of social factors), so they choose a 75-99% raw food diet. Most raw foodists are vegetarian or vegan, but some eat raw fish and meat. The benefits of a high-raw or all-raw diet plan are clear.

Elevated power, natural weight loss or gain if you were too skinny, diseases cured, overall wellbeing , and often bliss.The actual food eaten by raw foodists varies greatly, apart from those that eat a balanced raw diet plan, there are all-natural hygeinists, sproutarians, fruitarians, juicearians super foodists, ecstatic foodists and living foodists.

Most raw foodists also eat a high proportion of natural or wild food within the belief that conventional food is much more toxic and weaker.

Thousands of people each year are turning to the raw food diet . Why? Because these foods help your body remain clean on the inside, they provide you with power, they’re full of life and they assist people steer clear of illness associated using the Standard UK Diet plan (SUKD!!) and Normal American Diet plan (SAD!!). As our government embarks on wholesome consuming campaign after wholesome consuming campaign, let’s consider looking to nature to get it correct. It is so easy!

Do you need unique kitchen equipment?

You do not need it, but many people do have it. Dehydrators, a really strong blender, juicers and several other gadgets are frequently discovered in the raw foodists kitchen. Take your time with purchasing stuff, and keep in mind that you can get by with just your hands!

Is it expensive?

The reality is your well being is not something that ought to come down to price. It can be expensive to purchase natural fresh foods, but if you are resourceful, it doesn’t have to be. Think about growing sprouts on your windowsill for a few pennies. Think about planting some fruit trees, expanding greens, foraging. I know individuals from all walks of life who make raw living seem simple merely because they’re resourceful and fit raw food into their lives because they love the advantages. I also know of people who use each and every excuse below the sun to not consume raw, even though they say they wish to! Money is just one of those excuses, if you want to eat raw, you’ll.

You are what you consume. Because we know this phrase to become so true, think what you would like to be produced of: a starch-bomb baked potato or strong, wild and free greens…

Phytic Acid In Food Best Strategies To Reduce It

Legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds are healthy foods and appear to be packed with minerals. While they appear to have abundant amounts of minerals they contain a substance called phytic acid that interferes with your body’s ability to absorb the minerals. The packaging label on your food might have a good quantity of iron, calcium, zinc, or magnesium, but if the item contains high levels of phytic acid, you will not be able to benefit much from the minerals in your food. As luck would have it, however, there are straightforward kitchen processes that you can use to reduce phytic acid in your food. Soaking and fermentation methods are some of the most powerful methods for reducing phytic acid in your food. If you adopt these techniques in your cooking and baking, you may double your digestion of iron, calcium, zinc, and magnesium, depending on the food itself and the mineral content.

For warm cereal like a whole wheat porridge, you can soak them in body temperature water the night before you intend to cook it to reduce the phytic acid. Use the portion of water called for in the recipe, bring it to about 100 degrees, and stir the water into the grains the night before. In the morning simply cook the cereal, but watch it carefully and stir it well — it will be done within minutes and could easily burn and stick to your pan. With your cooked cereal, not only will you digest more minerals, you will also speed up your morning meal preparation.

Bread makers will want to use sourdough strategies to break down phytic acid. Grains such as wheat are high in phytic acid but, largely, they contain an enzyme that breaks down the phytic acid while the bread rises. A simple yeast bread will reduce the phytic acid to some degree. Sourdough bread will be far better still.

As far as beans are concerned, many of us soak their beans before they cook them. To combat phytic acid soak the beans for 12-18 hours in in water warmed to above body temperature. We recommend starting with a temperature of approximately 120 degrees and set the beans in a warm location. The water will cool over that length of time but as the beans soak up the water, add extra warm water to your bowl of beans. When the beans are soaked and ready to be cooked, strain the soaking water and add new water to the beans, in line with your recipe. Follow the instructions in your recipe and enjoy your bean dish.

You may wish to soak nuts and seeds (e.g. almonds and walnuts) to reduce the levels of phytic acid, though the soaking will be more effective if you break the nuts into smaller pieces first. By breaking the nuts, you increase the surface area of the food and the warm water reaches a greater portion of the nut. Soak the nuts or seeds overnight in warm water as you would the beans. Pour off the soaking water and then dry the nuts or seeds on a clean cookie sheet until they are crispy. You can dry the nuts in a warm area like a dehydrator or oven. In the summer, a car window works too.

Science often comes with special cases and in food science research, there are foods that can be soaked and soaked with virtually no change in the phytic acid content, including soy, corn, and oats. These excepted foods are low in the phytase enzyme that breaks down the phytic acid. Soy must be fermented — turned into miso or tempeh in order to see a large reduction in phytic acid. You can ferment oatmeal or corn too, but they will gain by the addition of a grain high in the enzyme such as fresh wheat or rye. Cornmeal is often used in recipes with wheat flour for instance. Use whole wheat flour, fresh ground, to leverage the phytase in the wheat to work against the phytic acid in the corn.

Grains, beans, and nuts are delicious and can be quite healthy and nutritious, especially if you prepare them with the intent to get the most out of them. Read more about phytic acid in foods and discover the very simple kitchen preparation techniques that will help you get more minerals out of them.

Finding a Microsoft Certification Study Guide

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This means gone will be the more piles of extremely expensive (or very illegal) CD’s all around the place eating the money (plus your nerves).  PRINCE2 is definitely an easily tailored, scalable, process-based procedure for project management.  Hire Android App Developers Services India offers solutions at affordable price with best quality.  Microsoft Windows Email Client – Outlook  MS Outlook could be the default email application of MS Office.  Besides that, it’s also possible to get the services of online businesses that do a complete market research for you and give you an in depth analysis from the market.  Tips for your Working Mom: De-Stressing Before Re-Stressing.  Compliments to existing applications stored over a hosting server.  
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Fighting Food Intolerance

Eating food has been something of a treat for a lot of people. They enjoy every kind of food that they eat, and they sure know how to appreciate the taste and all. Then there are people who eat food just because they do it everyday and do not take any special interest in the food that they eat. Whatever may be the case, every persons body responds differently to the kind of food consumed. While some peoples bodies digests the food easily enough, some other peoples bodies simply cannot tolerate some kinds of food, and start showing reactions when such foods are consumed. This is commonly called as food intolerance.
Food intolerance is a common phenomenon and affects quite a lot of people. So you need not worry about being the only person who cannot keep down some kind of food at a gathering. Everyone is actually intolerant so some kind of food or the other, but it might happen that they havent tasted that kind of food yet. If you happen to get a case of food intolerance, then you should most definitely not panic. You should stay calm and think of a solution to combat it. Fighting food intolerance is not an impossible thing at all.
In order to fight food intolerance, you need to be in a position to recognize the symptoms of food intolerance first. By doing so, you will be able to better fight food intolerance, as you will then know exactly what youre fighting against. So it is very important that you properly recognize the symptoms of food intolerance, so that you will be able to better fight it out and be able to protect yourself from the symptoms of food intolerance, which can sometimes turn ugly. In order to recognize the symptoms of food intolerance, you have to keep an eye out on your symptoms when you eat any new kind of foods.
After you recognize the symptoms of food intolerance, you will be better able to defend yourself from the symptoms of the disorder. You have to remember that you should be able to perfectly recognize the symptoms of the disorder in order to have a good chance of combating it. People have successfully overcome the symptoms of food intolerance in the past, and depending on your situation, you can do it as well if you know just what to do.
For combating food intolerance, you need to consult an experienced doctor so that you will be able to better understand the steps that you need to follow in order to overcome the disorder. Once you do this, you will be able to successfully get rid of the disorder, and you will soon be able to go back to eating all of your favorite foods without having to worry about the effects of what youre going to eat. Then you will truly be able to combat the disorder and go back to your favorite eating lifestyle, without worrying about the symptoms.

How To Start Your Own Baby Food Business Part #6 Manufacturing Vs. Catering

Handmade Baby Food vs. Commercially Produced, Store Bought Baby Food

Food from your baby food catering business will be differentiated from commercial, factory produced baby food in the following ways:

People & Production

Your baby food is made-by-hand by individuals who are committed to the quality of the baby food. At least one certified chef is on duty at all times supervising the process and ensuring that ingredient and cooking standards are met. The food is made in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen like the ones used by top chefs.

Commercial baby food is produced in mass in a factory or co-packing facility. More often than not, baby food is not the only food product produced in the facility. Typically baby food is made by workers that do not have culinary training and do not have a passion or commitment to high quality baby food.

Hand Selection of Ingredients

Each and every ingredient in your baby food, down to the smallest berry, is hand selected to ensure that it is of the highest quality and to make sure that it is completely ripe.

Commercial baby food is made from massive deliveries of bulk produce that arrive on loading docks. Food quickly passes by workers on conveyer beltsthere is little time for manual inspection.

Source & Quality

The majority of the ingredients in your baby food are locally grown. They are picked only when fully ripe and go from the field to our kitchen within a matter of days, sometimes hours.

Produce used to make commercial baby food comes from multiple sources and multiple countries. It is often picked before fully ripened, to withstand the long transport from the field to the factory. Sometimes produce becomes over-ripe or rotten as it sits on trucks, in warehouses, or on loading docks for days or weeks.


You use only 100% organic ingredients that are never stored near other non-organic ingredients or produced alongside non-organic foods.

Even foods that are made with organic ingredients can be contaminated with pesticides when they are transported or stored with or near non-organic ingredients or produced in a facility that also makes non-organic food products. Commercial baby food is often made in large factories or by co-packers that also produce non-organic foods.


All of produce used in the production of your baby food is individually washed or scrubbed by hand.

In commercial baby food factories, produce is either rinsed as it passes under a sprayer on a conveyer belt or it may be allowed to sit in a vat of water to be cleaned. Often the process involves cleaning agents or chemicals.


All the produce used in the production of your baby food is peeled, cored, or diced by hand. This provides a second inspection of the ingredient before cooking.

Produce used to make commercial baby food is peeled, processed, and cut by machines in large batches. Seeds, stems, rotten spots, etc. can easily go over looked and may be included in the final product.


The majority of your baby food made using produce that has been gently steamed to ensure that the vitamins and nutrients are not “cooked out” of the food. This process also helps the food to retain its natural color. Some foods are baked or roasted whole to ensure that the natural juices are retained.

Commercial baby food is boiled in large vats or cooked quickly in giant, super heated ovens. Both processes are designed to cook the food as quickly as possible so large amounts can be produced at once. The food must be cooked at high enough temperatures to be sterilized in order for it to sit in a warehouse or on a store shelf for long periods of time. Essential nutrients and natural colors are lost. Vitamins and color must be added back into the food. This is accomplished using either synthetic materials or fruit/vegetable concentrates or dyes. Some food dyes are made using ground insects.


Your baby food is pureed in small batches which are weighed and measured by hand. Each batch is checked and rechecked to ensure a smooth or creamy texture.

Commercial baby food is ground in large, industrial vats. Sometimes tons of food is processed at once.


You add only a small amount of distilled water to your foodjust enough to allow for a smooth puree. Because we add such a small amount of water, there is no need to add thickening agents.

Large amounts of water are added to commercial baby food to “thin it out”. This allows the company to get more baby food out of each pound of produce (water is cheap) thus increasing company profits while nutritionally cheating babies. Thickening agents, such as starch, are then added (starch is cheap too). Thickening agents also “stabilize” factory-made foods by keeping the complex mixtures of oils, water, acids, and solids well mixed.

Quality Control

At every point in the cooking and pureeing process the temperature of the food is checked and rechecked to ensure that the correct temperature and consistency is being met. Temperature is monitored during the cooking process to make certain that vital vitamins and minerals are not “cooked out”, and as food is cooled to avoid pathogen growth.

Most of the production is often monitored by computers rather than humans.


Your baby food is packaged by a person, giving it one final quality check.

Commercial baby food is packaged by big machines that squirt food into jars or containers with no one overseeing the process.

Freshness, No preservatives

Your stores/kitchen/etc.make fresh baby food daily. You only make enough food to fulfill the needs of for the current week. Your baby food is sold or delivered to customers within 24 to 48 hours of being made. There is no need to add preservatives and no food is wasted.

Commercial baby food is made in mass. Tens of thousands of “units” of baby food are produced each day. Commercial baby food can sit in a warehouse or on a store shelf for up to 2 years. The companies must add chemical or natural preservatives to keep the food from degrading. Even frozen baby food in the grocery store can sit in the freezer for months before it is sold.

How to Build a Group with One Task

Structure a varied group and present them a crazy project: “Develop a huge kite that may genuinely take a flight.” Supply these people resources, instruments, a location to work, foods and restroom entry. Next take a position back and enjoy. What happens is going to amaze you actually, and this takes place with reliability, whenever you set a several people together into a circumstance using fixed parameters and turn them free. It is usually exactly the same, then again it is also always unique, mainly because typically the individuals are very different.

This is what transpires – individuals immediately overlook the clumsy social awkwardness that they feel functioning near other folks others that they as yet don’t know. These people spread, they will share resources and knowledge and also expertise. Then they snicker slightly. After that, because they get far more into it, some people giggle a lot. Typically the teambuilding workshop ( begins to produce a staff. Many people stick out as executives, other people as good with performing tasks. The project accomplished. Virtually miraculously, this particular group in which no one person has ever built any kite before, much less an enormous kite, together with each other has produced a giant kite, and one that flies! The particular reward is all but perceptible as the team goes through this glory collectively. Those who began as strangers at the moment are co-builders, co-team members, and mates!