Gourmet Indian food tastes best when made with fresh ingredients

Gourmet Indian food has enticed the most curious taste buds across the globe and people across the world simple relish on Indian cuisine. The popularity of gourmet India food is very widespread and due to this there are many restaurants in nook and corner of London who claim to serve you with Indian food. But you should be very cautious when you choose an Indian restaurant London as you want to have authentic Indian food rather than fusion food.

There are very few restaurants who can serve you with real gourmet Indian food the authentic way and when you are dining out you would want to have a great time along with some great food. The delectable taste and aroma of gourmet Indian food comes from the use of fresh ingredients and authentic Indian spices. A good Indian restaurant London will always keep this thing in mind and prepare your food with fresh ingredients only. Traditionally in every home in India fresh ingredients are used to cook food this not only imparts the flavour and taste but also at the same time is very healthy.

An authentic Indian restaurant London would always use fresh ingredients for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The vegetables used should be fresh and a daily produce refrigerating it for long kills the nutrient value of the vegetables and when you cook gravy from it the gravy turns out to be distaste and also very unhealthy. The meat and fishes used to cook your dishes should also be very fresh. If the meat and fishes are not fresh then you would not get the real taste of authentic gourmet Indian food.

The freshness of the ingredients makes the gravy tastier and when coupled with authentic Indian spices then you get finger-licking gourmet Indian food. Fresh ingredients are very easily available these days and an authentic Indian restaurant London will always take care to provide you with the best and real gourmet Indian food. When you opt for an Indian restaurant London you should carefully pick the one that has the reputation to serve you with authentic gourmet Indian food.

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Creating A Food Budget Has Many Advantages

By creating a food budget, you can organize yourself in such a way that you will be able to “stretch your money” and still have enough to eat “great”. Dawna Pacini, who has 2 school-age children and is on a fixed income, has learned through experience that by using this excellent method of creating a food budget, she manages to feed her family very well but frugally.

Dawna tells us that there are three reasons why a person should be creating a food budget:

A. It saves you time. How? When planning meals ahead, you must identify exactly what you want to buy at the store. As a result,when you get to the store, you don’t need to go from aisle to aisle searching for what might be a good idea to buy; instead, you can go straight to the aisles where you will find what you want in search of ingredients and meal ideas.

B. The second reason for creating a food budget is that it helps you stay organized. You will no longer find yourself staring into the fridge/freezer at five o’clock and wonder what you should cook because you failed to plan ahead.

C. And most importantly, creating a food budget can help you save money. Dawna explains that when you are organized and buy only what you need, you will stay within budget and save money normally spent on unnecessary purchases. Also you will waste less food because you buy exactly what you need; therefore, you are saving money.

According to Dawna, creating a food budget,(an excellent way to stay organized, save time, and trim your family budget), involves following these three easy steps:

1. Choosing a time period to budget for. That is, you must take a look at what you spend on groceries in a day, a week, bi-weekly, or monthly and then find the average amount you spend on food. Use that average to decide what your budget goal will be.

2.The second step is to plan your meals for the time period you choose: a day, a week, a month, or longer.

3. The third step to creating a food budget is to create a grocery list. Identify all the ingredients you’ll need to create the meals and snacks you have on your menu plan, and stick to your list when shopping.

4. Once you have done all three steps, shop at stores such as No Frills and Price Chopper where you can buy more food with your budgeted money.

In addition, anyone who is creating a food budget should also use the following tools to save your money even more:

i) Using flyers can be a great tool because you can match your list of ingredients to whichever stores have the wanted items on sale that week and shop there to save money.

ii) Editing your menu to include ingredients that are on sale will save you money. For example, sometimes, Dawna will substitute canned tomatoes for fresh tomatoes if they happen to be on sale.

iii) Buying in bulk can be a great tool only if utilized properly. Just remember: A deal is only a deal if you actually need it. So buy in bulk only if it is to your advantage.

iv) Using coupons can make it possible for you to get free, or close to free, items. For example, Dawna once had a coupon for $1.00 off egg beaters and then they went on sale at one of the grocery stores for $1.00. Because she had ten coupons, she bought two for her family and donated the other eight to the local women’s shelter to help them out.

The great thing about coupons is that finding coupons is so much simpler than it used to be. Coupons can be found in flyers, magazines, and on the Internet. You simply search “Canadian Coupons” (or the name of your country and the word coupons) on Google, and you will find a whole realm of new coupon sources ranging from print your own to entire databases created by users and even companies who will mail coupons to your home for free.

So if you want to eat well and at the same time save money, you have only to follow these guidelines and use these tools. Then you can discover first hand just how well creating a food budget can help you stay organized in such a way that it can be of great advantage to your family and you.

Get excellent food supplies services with reliable wholesale food distributor

Wholesale food suppliers are the licensed and certified professionals who supply food items, grocery products to the retailers, hotels, restaurants, accommodation houses, sports shops and other large institutional clients. They act as a sales broker between manufacturers and retailers. There are numerous benefits of buying products from whole distributors. First and foremost is that, you will get products at competitive rates. You can also ensure that you will get only quality and fresh products. Moreover, you can also save your time and money for transportation of goods as they supplies your order at your doorstep.

In Melbourne, you can find numerous whole food suppliers that claim to provide excellent and prompt on time services. However, very few of them stands what they promised to their clients. It is advised to approach reliable distributors in order to get excellent services. Online surfing is the simplest way to identify one of the best wholesale distributors in Melbourne that offers on time services and quality products at the lowest price possible.

The leading Wholesale Food Distributors Melbourne have more than twenty years of experience in supplying all food and grocery products to all the businesses throughout the Melbourne CBD and nearby areas. From the kitchen, boardroom, lunchroom, cleaning, bathroom goods to stationary products, they supply all these products at very reasonable rates. The leading companies have a large number of dedicated staff and eight well-maintained trucks. Therefore, they are able to deliver products to anywhere in Melbourne at anytime in an easy and quick manner.

Apart from businesses, Food Distributors Melbourne also supplies food products and grocery items to Hotels, sports clubs, cafes, restaurants, childcare, aged care, schools and accommodation houses. They supply all types of retail goods, dairy, soft drinks, frozen confectionery and common merchandize products. Moreover, they also supply fruits, breads, milk, vegetables and butcher needs. You do not have to visit their physical store to make payment. You can simply do it by fax, email, phone and online.

Why their Food Service Melbourne is considered as one of the best? Few main reasons are:-

1.They are known for their prompt on time and excellent customer services. 2.Assure the quality and freshness of the products. 3.They use latest and refrigerated trucks to ensure the freshness of the products. 4.They provide money back services. 5.They have a large collection of all recognized brand products. 6.Their services charges are the lowest in the market. 7.Ensure the satisfaction of the clients. 8.And many more………………………….

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Food and Digestion – The Reason You Should NEVER Drink Cold Drinks

Do you drink ice water… or have drinks straight out of the fridge?

There’s a saying in Chinese medicine that goes: “Above all else, protect your digestion.” By “digestion”, they mean processing of both FOOD and FLUID.
Think about this…

If you aren’t processing foods properly, you aren’t turning food into BLOOD and ENERGY (“Qi,” as the Chinese call it) for your organs to function properly – so your organs are literally “fatigued” and can’t perform their jobs well.

Your heart can’t function. Your lungs can’t function. Your kidneys, bladder, liver, gall bladder, stomach and intestines are all “fatigued” and can’t do their job.

And, your immune system doesn’t have the energy to protect you from cancer, colds, flu, radiation, etc.

And that’s just the problems with not processing foods. If you’re not processing fluids properly…
…fluid collects in your tissues (Chinese medicine calls this condition “Dampness”.)

This fluid ultimately congeals, and becomes a condition called “Phlegm” (this includes, but is not the same as, having phlegm or mucus.)

This “Phlegm” leads to obesity, depression, urinary infections, dementia, seizures, cysts and tumors, sinus headaches, allergies, all breathing problems like sinusitis, asthma, COPD, and a host of other problems.

Furthermore… the processing of food and fluids includes elimination… so you will have problems with constipation, diarrhea and urination.


If you look through my website you’ll see that
all the diseases listed there have improper eating as one of the main causes of that condition.

In some cases, the problems come directly from the food itself. But, in most cases, the problem comes from how the food negatively affects your digestion, with the weakened digestion then leading to the disease condition.


So, how do cold drinks damage your ability to process food and fluids?
Here’s a simple analogy…

When you put water on the stove, it moves faster… there’s more activity.
When you put water in the freezer, it slows down (freezes)… there’s less activity.

Cold decreases activity. Heat increases activity.

Chinese medicine describes the act of digestion as a warm process. Energy (and life itself) is warm. When we are dead, we’re stone cold dead…

It has been shown through thousands of years of observation in China that, if we drink chilled or cold liquids, we decrease our digestive activity.

We hurt this warm process of digestion (cold negates heat).

FIRST OF ALL, this causes food and liquid to be digested poorly. Similar to when your car can’t completely combust fuel, food isn’t digested properly and you’re left with a “sludge” (which, in Chinese Medicine, is called “Stagnant food” and/or “Phlegm”.)

That “sludge” is often the root cause of problems such as a weak immune system, weight gain, fatigue, cysts, allergies, sinusitis and certain types of headaches.

SECONDLY, warming up the cold fluids consumes energy (heat), leaving you with a net loss of energy.

THIRD, your weakened digestion now can’t produce good quality energy from the food you eat, leaving you with less energy for your organs to function properly…

…do you get the picture? You can (and will) end up with nearly every disease imaginable.

What to do about this?

You might be lucky enough to have strong digestion and not feel too affected by cold drinks. Consider yourself blessed. But, if you’re already in a somewhat weakened state…

…drinking COLD drinks might be one of the “straw’s” that breaks the camels back. Here’s my advice:

If you have ice water with your meals, stop.

If you drink your drinks cold from the refrigerator, stop.
Drink no more than a teacup of room temperature or warm water (or green tea) with your meals.
If you eat at restaurants, tell the waiter “No ice, please!”

One the biggest offenders is the ice water you get out at the restaurant. Just before eating a big meal, you put out your “digestive fire” (read that as DAMAGE your digestion) with that freezing cold water. Big mistake!

Iced drinks really aren’t good for anybody. Nature didn’t intend for us to frequently drink cold or frozen liquids. Refrigerators and freezers are extremely recent in terms of the history of human diet.

Not to mention, there’s just not a lot of refrigerators out there in nature!

*** Think about the implications of cold foods here, too. Obviously, they’re equally damaging. ***

It may take some getting used to, but drinking room temperature or warmer water is a good first step toward being healthier.
If you’d like to discover more ancient wisdom from Oriental medicine, visit http://www.natural-health-remedies.net/ where I discuss the little-known but effective treatments that work in my own natural health clinic.

Keep it warm!

The food pyramid – The loss of fat.

I have just come and say that. I think the food pyramid as we know, is false. I believe that it is not just something wrong, I think it is for what should be a healthy food pyramid diet.

Since it is now, you can use different definitions, such as the food pyramid should be by a simple search for food pyramid shows us that we should eat vegetables, dried peas, lentils, cereals, bread, fruit and nuts.

We need to eat lean meat, eggs, fish, chicken (without skin), milk, yogurt and cheese moderate. Finally, in small quantities, we eat oil, margarine, low fat spreads, butter and sugar.

Wow. No wonder, because the dimensions are extended.

It’s amazing that an organization Authority may recommend that must eat some of food pyramid.

Not only the view that Australia is the only organization food pyramid If this line. They were the best of a bad job. At least it is vegetables, fruits and objectives on the level of the food pyramid. Any other organization recommended more bread and cereals consumed in the list.

Perhaps you feel unfortunately, I am serious, my friend. Play on words, which, as is what people are itself by following these tips every day. Are only the road to a speedy grave.

So how revitalized, new look, food pyramid line up?

In particular, the food pyramid we eat, most of the vegetables first, followed by lentils, fruits and nuts.

Next on the food pyramid that we eat must be moderate. This is meat or alternatives, such as fish, chicken, eggs, for a period of three examples. Restrict access to red meat.

The food pyramid we eat is the economy as milk butter, milk and yogurt and as pasta and rice. I recommend once a day for most people looking to lose body fat.

No, calcium. This is what the marketing of food pyramid products and organizations in the production of milk is, as you rise, but it is enough calcium doses of fish such as salmon (eat the bones), nuts, fruits, vegetables (especially green Verdi) , and dried beans.

Food pyramid be at the apex of the food pyramid, the foods they eat as part of a meal from time to time cheat. You foods that are highly processed, such as bread, cakes or fast food.


Kenstar Food Processor Karishma-mf0808

Are you fed up of the unreliable food processor in your kitchen and looking for high quality and high performing food processors? Though there are several brands coming to the market, Kenstar food processors offer unmatchable quality and features. They can be the perfect assistant in your kitchen. They are the complete solution for all your kitchen preparation. In fact they make that tedious preparation time even enjoyable.

Kenstar is a well known name in the field of kitchen and home appliances. It provides large range of high quality products. Kenstar food processors are handiest of all. In Indian kitchens, the preparation of food takes more than half the cooking time. If someone does things like cutting, chopping, mincing, grinding and other things for you, you can be assured of much relaxed time in kitchen. The most interesting thing is you will save lots of your time and labor. It reduces your time in kitchen to almost half.

Food processors are much more than the basic mixer and grinders. They have various attachments and blades to do jobs like cutting, shredding, mincing, and whipping and even knead dough for you.

You can buy Kenstar food processors for your kitchen to have finesses and ease like professional chefs have. The Kenstar food processors are highly versatile. They come with as many as thirteen functions which are enough to take care of any kind of meal preparation. There are features which will help you cook food even if you are new to the kitchen work. For instance, it can perform the tough job of kneading perfect dough for cooking chapattis! It can help your prepare salad by cutting evenly sliced cucumbers, onions and other things. You can make thinly cut potato wafers to woo your kids who are fond of potato chips.

The small chutney maker that comes with this food processor not only makes chutneys but also for blending and mixing small portions of baby food. In addition, the coconut scraper helps you prepare a lots of coconut recipes. With this food processor in your kitchen, you can prepare finger chips; can whip eggs, milkshakes with ease and more.

Besides providing all this fabulous assistance in your kitchen, Kenstar food processor also provides you with regular jobs of wet and dry grinding, blending, grating and chopping vegetables and fruits. You can ensure your family stay healthy and fit by giving them fresh and hygienically squeezed out fruit juice with the help of this food processors. There are two type of juicer attachments provided with this food processor: citrus juicer and the centrifugal juicer.

You can compare Kenstar Food Processors with food processors of other brands by visiting any reputed online retail store.

Learn Various Food Colouring Through Food Coloring Chart

Some foods are visually very appealing with the use of different food coloring agents. With catchy food, the desire to eat also gets enhanced leading to strong appetite and if these are natural then there are even no side effects.

Food coloring chart is the collection of primary and secondary food colors. There are three primary food color viz red, yellow and blue. By mixing any two colors in specified ratio leads to the formation of secondary colors that are purple, green and orange. Like red and yellow when mixed in equal proportion these lead to orange color. If you will increase the quantity of yellow color then the resultant color will be more towards yellow otherwise towards red.

Food coloring is mostly done for the icing that is used as a topping above the cake. At most of the stores you will find the primary color and the green color. But in some others different shades of purple, black and pink are also found. It all depends upon the mixing of food color.

Food Coloring Chart Tips
Mixing of any two primary colors in equal parts will generate the secondary color.

One drop of red + one drop of yellow = orange
One drop yellow + one drop blue = green
One drop blue + one drop red = violet

Use white color to lighten any color. Specifically for food use white icing to lighten the food color.

Mix the primary color in equal proportion (red in bit more quantity) to get the complete black color.

Caramel color is a brown color that is extensively used for icing. This brown color is obtained by mixing more of green in less of yellow. Green is the secondary color.

To make the color of your choice start with one drop of each color and change the proportion as per the requirement.

Get the pastel color by adding white to the required food color.

Deepening of color occurs with time, therefore mix the color at least one hour before its application.

Natural Food Coloring Chart for Icing

The numeric values in the chart defines the number of drops required to make the food color.

Apricot = 2 orange + 1 egg yellow
Coral = 3 rose pink + 2 lemon yellow
Ivory = 1 liquid whitener + a touch of brown + a touch of egg yellow
Jungle Green = 14 green + 6 yellow
Lime = 24 yellow+ 4 green
Navy Blue = 1 sky blue + 1 violet
Raspberry = 3 bakers rose + 1 Christmas red
Rust = 8 orange + 2 red red + 1 brown
Yellow Maroon = 4 red red + 2 burgundy

As far as possible use natural food colors to avoid any kind of adverse health effects.

India Food and Drinks Market to Reach US$ 580 Billion by 2013 RNCOS

As per our new research report -Indian Food and Drinks Market: Emerging Opportunities-, despite the economic turmoil, the Indian food and beverage market is expanding rapidly. As per our estimations, the market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 9% during 2009-2013. Moreover, the market is witnessing entry of large number of super markets, hyper markets, shopping malls and fast food chains.

Though most of the products of Indian food and beverage market are observing positive growth, alcoholic drinks have emerged as the largest and fastest growing product category. As per our findings, the Indian alcoholic market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 12% during 2010-2013. Apart from this, there has also been a substantial growth in the consumption of fruits and juices.

-Indian Food and Drinks Market: Emerging Opportunities- gives extensive information, statistical data, and rational analysis of different factors propelling the growth in various segments of the food industry such as milk, meat, fruit, vegetables, etc. In addition to this, the report also studies the trends prevailing in the beverages market, such as their sale, consumption patterns, etc.

The report also talks about the potential growth areas that exist in the food and beverage industry of India. Sectors such as the processed food and the organic food have bright future prospects as well as huge growth potential in food service industry. The factors fueling the growth in these sectors have also been discussed in the report.

Moreover, the report talks about the prevailing distribution channels and infrastructure developments taking place. It also gives a brief description about the competitive landscape in the Indian food and beverage market. The report aims at assisting clients in analyzing the potential growth areas, challenges and drivers critical for their success in the concerned industry.

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About RNCOS:

RNCOS, incorporated in the year 2002, is an industry research firm. We are a team of industry experts who analyze data collected from credible sources. We provide industry insights and analysis that helps corporations to take timely and accurate business decision in today’s globally competitive environment.

A Simple Plan: Options

What to Consider in Pedestrian Car Injury Cases It is estimated that more than 70,000 passengers are involved in serious car accidents in the country every year. In some instances, it is the pedestrians who lead to the accidents. However, most of the time, it is errant drivers that cause accidents. In case you are involved in an accident, it is advisable to hire an experienced accident lawyer to help you. The attorney will check various occurrences before the accident to determine who was at fault. The work of the attorney will be to ensure you are not wrongly blamed for the accident. Some of the things that the attorney will look at include:
The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Services
i) Was the person hurt using crosswalks?
The Beginner’s Guide to Attorneys
ii) Was the pedestrian intoxicated? iii) Had the victim parked his vehicle on the road? iv) Was the pedestrian jaywalking? v) Did something else distract you when you were driving? vi) Was there a passing bus you were trying to avoid? vii) Were you driving carefully? Duties of a Driver When on the Road When you are driving, you are required to be careful to avoid hitting pedestrians or other drivers. The duty includes not driving recklessly and being aware of pedestrians on the road, especially when you are driving in urban and residential areas. You should be more careful when driving in an area where children usually are, for example near a school. You should drive slowly and always be on the lookout for children when driving in residential areas. Unlike adults, children are not very careful on the road and thus you should take it upon yourself to ensure their safety. Freeway Accidents Involving Pedestrians Pedestrians are not expected to be walking on the freeway. However, this is not usually the case. Some children, and even adults, usually walk or stand on or near the freeway. As a driver, you should exercise caution when driving on the roadway. In some instances, a driver may have moved his vehicle on the shoulder, perhaps to repair it. In case you hit such a driver, you will be considered to have hit a pedestrian. In case you hit the driver because he had not lit the area well, your accident lawyer can help you to ensure you are absolved of any responsibility to the case. The attorney will work in your best interest to ensure you are not held responsible for the accident. You should get an experienced attorney to help you in case the other party is looking to sue you or asking for an unreasonable compensation.

Sell Your Food Online

Why should one consider to Sell your Food Online
There are so many reasons as to why you should choose to sell your food online. Since a large population have access to internet and knows how to use it], this may not be an issue. First one should consider the target customers; you may choose to sell your food items to customers in long distances who you have no physical access. This also increases the number of customers able to buy your food items since you will be able to sell the food items to foreign countries. The large pool of customers means that your profits will increase. Another reason may be to cut down the cost of production (reduced overhead) in that theres no front store need and also lower labor costs and also results to fewer hours. In a way the cost of advertising the food item since there will be no need of comprehensive and thorough advertisement. This is because to sell your food online is in itself an advertisement.
Procedure to follow to sell your food online
Once you have come to the decision to sell your food online, you may follow this procedure. First you have to know of the source of the food materials or the necessary ingredients. Then it is necessary to come up with a brand name to avoid confusions with other existing items. You should try to be creative in giving the food items good names. Decide on your target customer so as to know how to sere them in the best manner. You should also acquire the necessary permits to legalize your business. If you do not have your own transport, make an agreement with an existing and efficient shipment company to be sure of a delivery process and also to make re-shipping possible. Ensure proper packaging of your food items. It is also necessary to come up with a feedback mechanism so that you can improve in your services so that you can sell your food perfectly well.
What is needed to sell your Food?
To sell your food there are some requirements that need to be met. First you must consider policies that govern the process; the regulations may be from government or other authorities. One is also required to obtain a license from a recognized local authority just like any other business. Other rules and laws need to be respected too, healthy issues must be put into consideration and recommendations have to be met. This makes the business legal thus you are able to win the customers trust and confidence. You also need to consider a good shipment method, one which is efficient and convenient and has to be fast since most of food items are perishable. A good payment mechanism has to be chosen to avoid inconveniences during payment. Packaging of the food items is also important since the customers would enjoy well packaged and neatly packaged food. A website will be necessary to sell your food to customers online.

Challenges to beat to comfortably sell your food
The process involved to sell your food is more challenging than having a food front store where customers come to purchase and collect food items. Unlike at these stores where a customer can smell the food or even see how delicious it looks; in online selling you need to create this deliciousness in the mind of the buyer. This is achieved by good photography. One can employ an experienced photographer or even go a step further and purchase a digital camera for the work. The customer needs to be convinced by the look of the picture. Most of food items are perishable. This can be taken care of by a good refrigeration method. One may purchase a large enough refrigerator for proper storage. Customer need to build confidence in you, this can be achieve through fast delivery method, considerate pricing and proper packaging. To sell your food thus necessitates great care and consideration.
To sell your food you need proper pricing
Pricing of the food items is important when one chooses to sell your food online. This is because it is very important to give the customers affordable items and at the same time make considerable profit so as to remain in the business. You need to put into consideration the cost of labor, production cost, shipping cost and may be re-shipping cost in case anything goes wrong when deciding the price for a certain item. Packaging cost and any other costs should also be accounted for. Pricing may be in a way that the price does not scare away the customers by being extremely high but also one should strike a balance not to compromise the quality of the food items. Again one should compare the price of the same items by other suppliers and also consider the price of substitute items so as to set the best price to sell your food online.
To sell your food one needs good packaging
Packaging is one very important aspect to take care of when you decide to sell your food online. It is always advisable for the supplier to facilitate proper packaging. A customer may decide to purchase the food item as a gift so the packaging should be attractive so as to be appealing in the eyes of the customers. It should in a way try to show the deliciousness of the food item inside. This can be done buy using the right materials and carefully choose the colors for the wrappers. Packaging is also necessary to avoid damages during delivery. The food items should be well packed so that they cannot be affected in any way during transportation. One should be creative in packaging and try as much as possible to be unique so as to catch the eye of the customer as well as being different from other s who sell your food online.
Customers to sell your food to
To start a catering business you have some target customers in mind. One should evaluate many type of customers, large and small numbers to enlarge you customer pool. You may also decide to provide catering services to people in a wedding, birthday parties, and workers in an office or even dinner for different sized groups. You may be required to deliver your food to people on picnic or at any form of party. Once you win a chance to provide your services, do it to perfection so that you may keep the customer and also attract other. You have to be fast and on time. It is also good to consider your type of customers when pricing your food item. Try any make your prices more affordable without compromising the quality of the food. Also consider a way of getting feedback from your customers to whom you sell your food.

Start a catering business
How to Start a Catering Business

To start a catering business, like any other business you need a business plan which includes the business projection for a certain period of time, say a year. Set a name for your catering business and decide who your target customers are. You may target gatherings such as wedding, birthday parties and the like. Decide on what type of food to deal with. You should also do proper budgeting to estimate the expenses so that you can decide on the price for your food. These expenses may include labor, transport, raw materials and research among other costs. You may too project on the possible risks and put in place measures to curb them. Some risks can be insured against thus it is advisable to insure you catering business. Recruit the proper staff, those who are best in their field. All this should be done before you start to sell your food
Raising Capital to start a catering business
The capital required to start a catering business may vary depending on the size of your business. If you desire a large catering enterprise, the capital is expected to be high. The capital to start the business also depends on the cost of equipments, the type of food you will deal with and also staff to be employed. If you do not have much money to start a big business at once, you may start a small one and expand it with time using the profit you get. One may also decide to start alone or with cheaper cooks to save on the staffing cost. Having the business plan you may get a loan from a bank, a friend or relatives and pay back in installment. Most business persons save part of their salaries to start such a business. This is the better way of raising capital to start a catering business.

Before you start a catering business
Research is a very important tool before you start a catering business. It is necessary to research on the potential market to get the necessary information on what to give the customers and what to improve on. Research will help you to know what the customers want, current trends of doing things, the effective ways of advertising your business and also variation of the demand with time. There may be new and better cooking or baking method which you never thought of and which may improve your food. You also need to know of equipments or meals combination in fashion. Having all this information will help you deliver the best commodities for the customer and will also attract more potential customers. This information can be readily found in many books, magazines, in media and more in the internet. Before you sell your food, a thorough research must be conducted.
Catering website marketing
Designing a website to sell your food online
To market and sell your food online you need an active website. Many people do not have the skills and the knowledge to design a website. It is advisable to hire an expert in this field so as to design the best website for you. An alternative to use an existing website designed for advertisement or if you have some knowledge you can use existing website templates to design yours. Website is the best way of advertising your business since it has many viewers. Make sure that your website is not congested but it should include every necessary detail. Ensure that the images are clear and visible. The images should also be eye catching so as to attract many viewers. After the website is fully established you may register it with search engine or other websites for marketing. With an active website it is easier to sell your food
To start a catering business you need cost analysis
Cost analysis is much important before you start a catering business. Cost analysis is a part of feasibility study for your business; it shows the worthwhile of the business. If the cost of setting up the business will be higher than the business return is not worth starting. Cost analysis should cover such costs as staffing, transportation, insurance cost as well as rent and taxes where necessary. A good research should be conducted so that you may keep the budget as low as possible. Cost analysis involves estimation of the costs to be incurred and also considers the income from the business. Cost analysis is also used to set up prices for your food item. If cost estimation is exceeding the capital you have or may lead to a loss then it is advisable to reduce the staff or may be add the price of the food items. Thus cost analysis is important so as not to sell your food at a loss.

Contents of website to sell your food
The website to sell your food online you contain not congested but complete information about the business. It is very important to include your contact information to make it easy for customers to access you and enquire about any extra information that is not provided in the website. It is advisable to give all the details to avoid many questions from the customers. You should make it very easy for customer to make orders by a click or two and avoid putting related information in different pages. It may tire the customers or potential customers by making them follow so many links. Photography is also very necessary; pictures should appear just as the real item or better and attractive to catch the eyes of the customers. The pictures should make the customer imagine the deliciousness of the food even without seeing it. Thus a well detailed and planned website is necessary to effectively sell your food online.

Website to sell your food maintenance
The website designed to sell your food should be updated from time to time. An active website is one that is updated once a minor change occurs. The customers should be able to know of a new item almost immediately after the item has been introduced. Changes in menu are necessary for customers to know. It is not good to surprise the customers with changes. In case of changes in price, contacts information or any other information should be recorded in the website. If you do not have time or skill to update the website you can get the best person for the job. The website should also be connected to a database which should automatically save every customer who places an order or queries your business for record keeping purpose and also to determine the royal customers to whom may be some offers can be provided to motivate the customers you sell your food to.
To sell your food you need to consider peaks and off-peaks
To always sell your food at a profit it is good to consider what to sell at what time. During a snowing day it would be unreasonable to have so many ice creams in your stock. Determine what is best suited for certain weather an time. Many parties happen during weekend and it would be a good move to target weekends for more sales. Also there are seasons for different type of food. The location you target to sell your food items also may create a variation in demand thus it is good to consider it too. During peaks for a certain type of food you should collect enough stock to avoid shortages and loosing customers in the process. To learn about the peaks and the off-peaks you need experience but still thorough research may help you to determine the trend. So to sell your food effectively you have to study demand patterns.
Email marketing of the website to sell your food
When you start a catering business and gain some customers, it is good to store the customers information in your database. This ensures that you keep the contact with the customer since you need to retain existing customers. You may send them emails to thank them for buying from you and also to update them on offers of other changes. These emails should also be accompanied by a link to your business website for more information and order placing. Sending an email to your customers is a good follow up and also may motivate the customers to continue transacting with you; also it is advisable to maintain a relationship with your customers. This is easy because email is free and easy for the customer to access. To send the customer you may use your personal email account but better if you create an account for the business before you start a catering busines