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Increase Platelets – Eliminate These Foods If You Have Itp Blood Disease

If you have Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura can you increase platelets by eating the right foods?

Or for that matter can you decrease platelets by eating the wrong foods?

The answer is yes on both accounts. Eating properly can have a major impact on your ITP disease. But just how can you increase platelets?

First you must be very mindful of what you put into your body in the way of food. Rememberthat ITP is a breakdown of your immune system mostly caused by rampant inflammation in the body. Many foods are known antagonists to your immune system and should be avoided like the plague. Also, you may be sensitive to certain foods and they can irritate your system and cause your ITP disorder to worsen.

On the opposite side of the fence, there are also many super foods out there that can build up your immune system thereby helping you increase platelets.

Foods to Eliminate if you want to increase platelets.

Sugars table sugar, commercial syrups, (especially high fructose corn syrup which basically wreaks havoc with our metabolism and immune system causing inflammation in the body- unfortunately now days HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup is prevalent in a majority of our foods )

Refined Grains white flour, white rice, processed breakfast cereals, pasta etc. (these foods have had most of the good stuff removed and then a bunch of synthetic vitamins added which are not good for your battle to increase platelets.

Processed Food Packaged food AKA dead useless food. Not only do these foods do nothing for your health but they are actually in the long run harmful and will do nothing to help you increase platelets. The cardboard box is probably better for you than what is in it!

Bad Fat Commercial vegetable oils, margarines and especially trans fats (partially hydrogenated vegetable oils) If you want to increase your platelets be sure to eliminate all the above from your diet!

Nutritional Supplements Not all vitamin and mineral supplements are created equal and a large percentage of supplements on the market have been proven to actually cause free radical formation which in turn causes inflammation which will never help increase platelets. Instead they could actually cause you to have low blood platelets.

Dairy So many people are actually sensitive to dairy products without even knowing it, and our commercially available dairy products will not help you increase platelets. With all the hormones and antibiotics that are given to our cows, coupled with the processing that is used, dairy products as we know them today are very acid forming in our body, which in turn will increase inflammation and never help to increase platelets.

Fast Food Increase platelets? No way. These are highly processed foods laden with highly saturated fats for longer shelf life and chock full of all sorts of chemical preservatives and fillers. Not only will you get fat by eating fast food, you will become inflamed and get sick. Fast food will NEVER increase platelets!

Plastic Food Containers for Safe Storage

Plastic food containers are an easy-to-use and convenient option for the safe storage of foodstuffs in restaurants, foodservice stations and households. Premium quality plastic food storage containers have good resistance to oils and fat, which helps keep the stored food fresh for a long time.

Plastic Food Storage Containers – Available in Elegant Models

Plastic food containers are the perfect choice when it comes to storing a wide variety of foodstuff at the right temperature. Some models are made of clear plastic and provide a clear view of the contents. Plastic food storage containers are available in attractive shapes and various dimensions:

Maximizers Plastic Food Containers Clear: These stylish food containers are a convenient option to store refined products, deli salads and other foodstuff with less than 18 percentage fat. Available in 33 ounce capacity, they have spoonable bottoms and resealable lids.

Clear Plastic Food Container with Hinged Lid: Clear hinged deli containers come with air-tight and leak-resistant lids. They can be used to store food like salads without worry about breakdown of oils. These plastic containers are the perfect option for safe storage as well as for displaying foodstuff when visualization is required.

Micro Gourmet Translucent Plastic Food Containers: Available in 12 oz capacity, these round clear plastic food storage containers are the perfect choice for carry out. They are a handy option for restaurants to store soups and also for serving cheese.

CamSquares Camwear Clear Food Container: These containers are a convenient option to maximize storage of ingredients in kitchens, pantries, freezers or coolers. Made of crystal clear, unbreakable Camwear polycarbonate, they can efficiently withstand temperatures from -40 degree F to 210 degree F (-40 degree C-99 degree C).

White Poly Food Storage Box: A convenient option to store ingredients in bulk, this container is made of impact, chemical and stain resistant solid white plastic. These food storage containers largely minimize the risks of cross contamination. They are available in 12 in.x 18 in.x 6 inch dimensions and come with smooth surfaces, which simplify the cleaning task.

Space Saving Square Food Container: Made from clear break-resistant polycarbonate, these storage boxes are a good option when it comes to storing more in less space. These bags are provided with accurate measurement gradations in red/blue. Designed with smooth surfaces, they can be cleaned easily and are dishwasher safe as well.

Food Tote Box Clear: This food storage container, made from break-resistant polycarbonate and with a tight fitting snap-on-lid, can keep the stored food fresh. This product is safe for use in freezer and dishwashers.

High quality plastic containers are known for ability to resist the odors and colors of the foodstuffs stored in them. Their utility and convenience have made them the most preferred food storage option of many restaurants and foodservice stations.

Buy Quality Containers at Reasonable Prices

To buy plastic food containers to meet the food storage needs of your restaurant, it is important to depend on reputable distributors. Browsing their online inventory allows you to choose the containers you need after comparing the features of various models, their brands and prices. Most dealers offer affordably priced premium models of plastic containers that facilitate easy and safe storage of foodstuff. They also ensure shipping discounts for bulk purchases.

Choose Chinese Food Delivery In Vancouver Today

Hungry Canadians do not always have the time to cook their meals, and food delivery in Vancouver guarantees delicious lunches or suppers delivered right to their doors. Some homemakers are simply too tired to prepare food after their exhausting days working, shopping or taking care of children. People who are especially fond of Chinese cuisine can take advantage of Chinese food delivery in Vancouver any day or night of the week.

Serve tired guests their favorite Chinese foods

When a guest knocks on a person’s door, the first thing a polite host wants to do is offer the person something to drink or eat. Perhaps the visitor is weary from a long airplane flight and has not eaten any food the entire day. If the person in question happens to love Chinese food, the chance to have hot and delicious chow mein, egg rolls, fried rice and lemon chicken delivered to the home is something too good to avoid. Every person gets to choose his or her favorite types of foods when home delivery is an option.

Order food online today

Any person can order food online. All the shopper needs to do is enter a zip code, the name of a city or the name of the restaurant in a simple form, and then press the submit button. If the person placing the order prefers other types of cuisine in lieu of Chinese food, he or she can choose Japanese, Caribbean, Greek or other type of favorite cuisine. When a person decides to order meals via an online website that specializes in delivering food, the possibilities are endless. Every starving person can order food without ever needing to travel around searching for a restaurant.

Families can eat at home while watching their favorite movies

Every family wants to save money, and families can have extra money to deposit into their savings accounts when they have their meals delivered to their homes. Of course, it is proper etiquette to give the delivery person a tip when he or she rings the doorbell, but saving money on fuel is an important aspect to consider. Additionally, the majority of individuals who eat out in restaurants visit movie theaters after they are finished eating their meals, and then the expenses really begin to rise.

The expense of eating out is only half of the story

Theater tickets are outrageously expensive, but this is not the entire story. Popcorn, candy and sodas also bite into a person’s budget rather quickly, and before the person realizes it, he or she has spent a small fortune for one evening’s entertainment.

Forget about eating out and have the food delivered

Ordering food delivery in Vancouver is easy and quick, and people can find the types of foods they enjoy eating and the prices they want to pay. Eating delivered meals at home is fun for the entire family.

Why Choose An African Food Store

There comes a time when a person is looking for a particular food item and has to find the best place to get the item. This may be where shopping at an African food store could be very useful. It can make it more convenient for a person to get any food item they may have been hunting for or to get other essentials that they have been missing at the dinner table that average grocery stores do not have.

Specialty Food Items

Going to an African food store can make it much simpler for a person to get food items they can’t find elsewhere. It can also make it quite a bit more affordable. Getting gourmet flours, special canned goods, or imported drinks may be easier and much friendlier to the budget when shopping at a store that is used to carrying such items. There are many isles filled with canned goods that can’t easily be found in other stores. Some items that may be hard to find are fish stock, canned milks, and unique flours. These can be found every day here and at good rates. Tons of fresh produce that will enhance any meal can be found right in the same store as specialty goods. Hunt through selections of yams, plantains, bananas, and all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables. Snacks and candies that are unique and delicious are easy to choose from. Perhaps delicious African cakes are more what a person has been looking for. There are a few items to try and all selections are tasty.


Being able to ask questions about products and get knowledgeable answers is a real treat in an African food store. This can mean anything from what’s in a certain product to the best uses for some items. If an item that has been sought after is still hard to find, asking a question will usually send a person in the right direction quickly where as other stores may give a blank look as to where to find such goods, not even knowing what they are. Maybe there was a food a person tried some time ago and they’ve been looking for it ever since. Try asking about it, it may really be easier to find than a person actually thinks.

Articles Other Than Food

Another fantastic bonus of shopping at a specialty item store is being able to get items other than groceries. Whether it’s culture rich music, movies, beauty products or dcor, this can be a fantastic place to check into for all sorts of different needs. An African food store that carries many different products such as this makes it convenient for shopping. There may be a clothing or shoe item that a person has looked for can more easily be found at a location that specializes in such items. Looking to phone a relative that lives out of the country? Try stopping in for a worldwide phone card and keep in touch with that loved one.

Valentino African Food Store, the Biggest African Food Store in West Philadelphia, offers to customers different African Goods onsite at the store location 4520 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19143, and online through different sites.

Five Kinds of Common Food to Give You a Healthy Body

There are so many types of food in our daily life. Some kinds of food are very ordinary, so they are easily ignored by most people. In fact, these common foods not only have high nutritional value, but also have a lot of health-care effects on human body. And this article will introduce five kinds of common food which can give you a healthy body.

First of all, cucumber seeds Nearly all the people will throw away the seeds when eating cucumber. In fact, they rarely know that cucumber seeds have some health-care effect on human body. Cucumber seeds contain a large number of magnesium. Research has found out that, if there is a high level of magnesium in the blood, it can reduce the probability of early death by 40%. As a result, next time when you eat cucumber, remember to keep the seeds.

Secondly, beet This kind of red vegetable contains a great amount of folic acid and betaine. When these two kinds of chemical substances play their effects together, they can reduce the level of homocysteine in the body. Homocysteine is an inflammatory mixture, which can damage artery and increase the risk of suffering from heart disease. In addition, beet contains a kind of natural pigment–anthocyanin. Experiment has proved that anthocyanin plays an effect in the prevention of cancer.

Thirdly, pomegranate Pomegranate contains great amounts of lycopene. Compared with tomato and watermelon, it is much more effective in the prevention of prostate cancer. What’s more, a glass of pomegranate juice contains about 688 milligrams of potassium, which is 63% more than that of banana. At the same time, pomegranate also contains a large number of fibers, which have the effect of promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis, relaxing the movement of bowels, as well as preventing constipation.

Fourthly, asparagus lettuce Asparagus lettuce contains a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin. These two kinds of chemical substances are called as carotenoids, which can prevent the aging of retina, because these substances can absorb the light which may cause damage on the eyes.

Last but not the least, cinnamon Cinnamon can help control the level of blood sugar, and reduce the morbidity of heart disease. In fact, the study has found out that, if the patients with diabetes take in 1 gram of cinnamon every day, and last for six weeks, the level of blood sugar, blood fat and bad cholesterol in their body will be significantly reduced.

Dog Food Danger

Have you heard about the dog food danger?

It seems that we might inadvertently be slowly killing our pet dogs because we are feeding them commercial dog food that contains all kinds of harmful elements, including:

Chemicals and preservatives
Dead zoo animals
Sodium Pentobarbital
Pet flea collars
Diseased animal organs

By the way, Sodium Pentobarbital is the drug vets use to euthanize diseased or mortally injured animals.

Did you know that there is a city in the USA (I wont say which one, here) that sends some two hundred tons of euthanized cats and dogs to a meat rendition plant every month?

The scary part is that Sodium Pentobarbital doesn’t break down in processing and this means that it is in the dog food your pet may be eating.

This is according to Andrew Lewis, based in Florida.

His dog, Noble, died aged four, and this was as a direct result of feeding him commercial dog food.

Andrew was so angry and upset by the dog food danger, that he made it a personal mission to warn others of the potential hazzard and to provide a means of helping them avoid the same tragedy happening to their beloved dogs.

Leading dog-health author, Ann N. Martin, sums up the state of commercial dog food in a single sentence..

“Most commercial pet foods are garbage.”

Quite apart from the unpleasant things which might actually be in commercial dog food, there is the problem of what is left out.

One of the problems is that because many commercial foods are woefully deficient in key nutrients, the long term effect of feeding such foods to your pet, makes the dog hypersensitive to its environment. This means that many symptoms show up in the form of:

Chronic Diarreah
Hair Loss
Skin Conditions
Behavior problems, including increased aggressiveness

This list goes on.

If you think that’s bad, let me tell you that Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and author, Henry Pasternak, rips back the veil of lies about dog food labeling by saying..

“Many pet foods advertised as “preservative-free” do, in fact, contain preservatives.

..manufacturers don’t have to list preservatives that they themselves did not add.

Many preservatives make their way into pet food at rendering plants before the meat is even sent to the manufacturer. An analysis of several pet foods labeled “chemical free” or “all natural ingredients” found synthetic antioxidants in all samples.”

There is more to this dog food danger than a short article can do justice to. If you want to get the rest of the story, then please visit the link below. Watch the video.

Pick The Right Payday Loan Company

There are a great deal of Americans that prefer to use on a more risky loan called a payday loan to get little measures of cash. In spite of the fact that payday loans are having some extraordinary risk for the loan specialist and for the borrower, this sort of credit keep gets popular. Today, I will give you an step by step guide on the most proficient method to pick an online payday loans company and give you the most ideal approach to avoid any danger in this kind of loan. The first step comprehends the payday credit showcase and comprehends the monetary setting of payday advance. The second step is picking a payday credit organization that has association with bigger organizations.

Discover the Right Car Insurance for Your Classic Car

Car insurance is the most vital part you have to have before you drive your car. Notwithstanding, if your car is classic vehicles, it may be hard to find car insurance providers that proficient to give the insurance quotes to your car. Classic vehicles need specific insurance approaches on the grounds that it needs unique considerations. In the event that you are searching for car insurance that proficient to give classic vehicle, you will need to read this step by step guide about discovering insurance for classic car legitimately.

Selecting the Right Insurance Policy

The first step is checking your current insurance provider company. You may need to contact your current car insurance company and approach them for classic vehicle insurance arrangement. Prepare and set up any data or information about your classic car, for example, make, model, mileage furthermore vehicle ID number.

Personal and Vehicle Insurance Factors

The following step is discovering other potential insurance company. You will need to make list of insurance provider in your area and find them. You can utilize telephone directory; check Google by utilizing keyword “car insurance” in your area and check business catalog. After that, you will need to contact every insurance provider on your list and check their quotes. Verify that you pick the best car insurance that gives classic car insurance.

Car Accidents and Insurance Claims

Pick reasonable life Insurance for Low-incomes Families

Various people may not comprehend that there is a life insurance alternative that can be choose and needs less money. Usually, people are offered sorts of permanent life insurance with high premiums to ensure that their family are protected. If you buy life insurance premium, it’s going to be really expensive, and you don’t have the capacity to pay for life insurance quotes, and subsequently leave your family without insurance. In the meantime there are option life insurance quotes that cheaper than permanent call insurance called term life insurance.


Age and income have a quick impact for your insurance needs. Generally, while you are still young, you will need the higher insurance to replace the loss of future income. Various people purchase their life insurance quotes in order to replace the income, and I recommend that you are ensuring that the compensation of the life insurance quotes is in the middle of 15-20x or 200x of your yearly or monthly pay. This way, you will be able to support your family in case you are passed away and leave your family behind. Make sure that you are choosing the right life insurance quotes legitimately and properly to protect your family, asset, debt and many more.